We restore vehicles partially or completely: from the body to the engine and to every single component, mechanic or not, of your car or motorcycle whether vintage, classic or sports.
As we were born in the land of “Mille Miglia”, we have grown up with the certainty that the quality and the beauty of a finished product depend on the attention to details; this is the result of hand-crafted work always looking for perfection.
We conduct a policy of “handmade” work in Italy, because quality becomes reliability and it lasts throughout the years and it represents what we want to offer to our clients.



Engines and gearboxes are mechanic organs built by several components which must interact perfectly to obtain a good result. Therefore, adequate equipment and competences are indispensable.
Our main activities are: total or partial restoration of engines and gearboxes with characteristics and performances customized according to your requirements, engines that are true copies of the the original ones or with an increased power; all accompanied by a careful study of the materials and the components.



The pleasure of driving is the union between a good engine and a good balance.
We search carefully for the perfect combination between these two characteristics. The most common mistake is to dedicate too many energies to the engine preparation, not to caring enough about the balance of the vehicle.
The latter has a fundamental relevance, because it allows us to communicate with the vehicle we are driving. A good setting of the shock absorbers, the mechanical linkages and the brakes is the base to better appreciate a driving session.



The restoration is a true, real and genuine art; so it requires a lot of passion. Other fundamental key factors for this art are represented by the knowledges and the intense dedication to details.
These characteristics are the cornerstone of every single restoration we carry out. The types of work we can do on vehicles are many: from the recycling of a preserved piece to the restyling of the mechanic part and the body of the car until the creation of special parts of different materials and custom-made.
In any case, we will take care of everything. Yours will be the pleasure to witness the rebirth of your vehicle!



We are specialized and, above all, passionate for the vehicles built between the 60s and the 90s. There are numerous different models created throughout that time, in Italy and all over the world, and it is often difficult to find a model able to meet our needs.
Because of it, we are at your complete disposal to look for every car or motorcycle wished, from the cubic capacity to the color you prefer, from models unrestored or about to be restored. After a careful search, we will do all our best to please you and find what you need. We are even available for a simple discussion or for some advice on potential purchases.


In our sector, it often happens to find vehicles without license plates or even documents, maybe left in some basement for years and therefore forgotten. From this point on, it starts a difficult, unclear and long procedure.
We will keep at your complete disposal with our skills and our passion to help you from step by step in the execution of this long procedure: from a simple certificate of historic relevance to the new registration of your vehicle with missing documents or from abroad.